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Armel Dupas, a multi-project artist deeply in touch with the concerns of his time, defines himself as a pianist-entrepreneur. He is much more than that : a seasoned traveller, as familiar with environmental issues as he is with the realities of the international music market, he uses jazz as a reinvented basis for musical creation, notably with the aim of fostering well-being and spirituality.


Drawn to jazz and improvisation at a very early age, he very quickly made a name for himself in the French jazzosphere after graduating with flying colors from the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP). An affinity with artistic diversity led him to accumulate a decade’s worth of experiences touring, performing and writing music for the cinema and the theatre. Some of his collaborations include major French artists such as bassist Henri Texier, film director Arnaud Desplechin, singer Sandra Nkaké, singer Catherine Ringer, or the theater director Ladislas Chollat.

His work as a leader began with two acclaimed albums: Inner Island, an album by the group WaterBabies, winner of the Tremplin Rezzo Focal Jazz à Vienne in 2013, followed by Upriver in 2015, released under the prestigious Jazz Village label. In 2017-2018, Armel Dupas Trio toured the jazz concert venues of France and Europe with the support of the Jazz Migration project, which accompanied the release of the album A Night Walk.

In 2019, Armel discovered the joys of performing solo outside the traditional circuits and created Home Piano Live, a tour of 100 concerts in people’s homes. This was matched to perfection by the release of his album Broderies, his biggest success to date (over 7 million streams on Spotify). Performing overseas more often than in France, Armel’s preparations for a departure to Moscow were cut short by the COVID crisis. This provided the opportunity for Armel to return to the homelands of his native Nantes, where he rediscovered the quiet life, surrounded by nature and old companions. Home Piano Live became a live show on YouTube, playing jazz for friends from home and abroad.

In constant search of encounters with his audience, in 2021 Armel created Le Piano Sacré and Le Coaching Musical, new bridges between music and well-being. Lying on the piano, the participants in Le Piano Sacré experience music in a new way, between vibrational care and musical portrait. Armel transmits his passion for improvisation through Le Coaching Musical, where music becomes a vector of self-discovery.


2022 saw the release of a complete recording of Armel's piano works, together with the creation of a new Armel Dupas Trio with Jules Billé (double bass) and Christophe Piot (drums). Acoustic and anchored in easy listening jazz, the trio produced two albums which instantly achieved great success on Spotify, placing the group amongst the most streamed jazz artists internationally.













Born in Nantes (France)

Laureate of Montreux Jazz Piano Competition

Movies soundtracks for Christophe Honoré, Arnaud Desplechin

Paris CNSM - DFS Jazz & improvised music

Winner of Trophées du Sunside (Paris)

Pianist in Sandra Nkaké's band

Winner of the Rezzo Focal / Jazz à Vienne

Pianist in Henri Texier Sky Dancers sextet

Jazz Migration tour

Home Piano Live, 100 + house concerts

Les Rendez-Vous d’Armel, livestreams

Armel Dupas Trio, 30 concerts in France, 13M streams on Spotify

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