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My Piano Broker

...who is it for ?

« Le Coaching Musical is for all pianists looking to evolve in their practice. Asking for the external view of a coach means having the humility to recognize your gray areas, it means feeling that somewhere there are tools to clear blockages generating frustration.

I've been playing the piano since childhood and I've been a pianist on stage since I was 16. It was there that I experienced my greatest joys and some moments of absolute despair. These ups & downs invited me to question in depth my desire for music, the meaning of “success” or “failure”, and how to love myself with my good qualities and faults.

 Whether or not music is "your real job", I welcome you with pleasure and kindness in my studio for an open discussion on your musical practice. I will listen to you play without prejudice, I will share with you what I think about that by shedding light on what seems to me to be already firmly established, and by pinpointing the areas uncertainty or doubt."

My Piano Broker

...which tools for which objectives ?

● pleasure to transmit and share

● active and caring listening

● varied, current and open musical culture, and 20 years of professional musical practice

● mastery of music, graphics and video software (Sibelius, Ableton Live, Pixelmator Pro, Final Cut Pro)

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"As a priority, I will adapt to your desires and needs: my task will be to accompany you in the realization of an artistic project such as the production of an album or the preparation of a concert.

After an initial listening session, I will guide you step by step through the arrangement of each of your compositions, the writing of the scores, the interpretation, the creation of the repertoire and the recording in my studio, on my Kawai piano RX2.

Ratepurchase2023 ⎮ 1 day of visits: 500€ tax incl.

My Piano Broker

" 1. build a repertoire "

Here are the 3 courses of work for our first sessions.

● what is the source of my musical concept?
what emotion is going through me?
● how to
give shape to the concept by means of my self and my instrument?

▶︎ capture the music like picking a fruit from the tree, and process it in order shape it like we would prepare a dessert.

I also offer the service of creating a piano arrangement of your composition: I will provide you with the score in PDF format and the recording of a demo to serve as your guide.

Shot with a professional camera, recorded with studio equipment, lasting approximately 20 to 25 minutes and published on my networks (YouTube, Facebook & Instagram), this video will be an essential reference for all your future clients. »

Rates sale2023 ⎮ 1 video (+1 2min trailer)

from500€ depending on the sale price of the piano

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